At the entry point of land for their organization,   Gen House  .

At the entry point of land for their organization, Gen House.

Journey with the


At four years old, God placed Africa on Jordan’s heart. In the eighth grade, she did a school project on Gulu, Uganda where the LRA War took place. Years later in 2014, she met Ocen there during a study abroad about that war and soon learned of his upbringing in that same conflict. Their conversation affirmed Jordan’s love for that place and also began the start of their friendship.
In 2016, after two years of growing as best friends, the two collided with a mission to serve ‘the fatherless’, just like themselves, in Northern Uganda. This meant officially starting their organization called Gen House, raising for 15.5 acres of land in a rural village called Acut Omer, and in 2018, drilling a borehole in that community to provide clean water.
Today, Ocen is a graduate of seminary with a passion for apologetics and sharing The Gospel through evangelism all over Uganda. With similar passions, Jordan is preparing to join him for a permanent move to Uganda as a full-time missionary of their organization in October 2019. They are also preparing to marry in November 2019 to continue eagerly serving God together.
With hearts set on developing the village they will soon call home, your support will allow them to reside there, raise orphaned children in their community, and be consistently present to meet the socioeconomic and spiritual needs of their neighbors in Acut Omer.
To sustain their work, Ocen and Jordan kindly ask for your support of their accommodation, medical needs, feeding, and transportation to and from the village.

Will you consider partnering with them to see the hope of orphaned children and their village restored?