Founder, Aber (Jordan Sharp) & Co-Founder, Ocen (Francis)

In 2014, "Aber" Jordan Sharp (Founder and Chief Visionary) met Ocen Francis (Chief of Operations) in Gulu, Uganda where their very first, unplanned conversation took place. It was about his childhood, growing up as an orphan. Divinely, God had placed Africa on Jordan's heart when she was just 4 years old; so in that very moment, she realized that she was sitting face-to-face with an orphan just like her... except this time, in that promised land.

Since that first encounter, the two began to seek God for the unfolding chapters of their orphaned lives.

In September of 2016, these best friends collided with the same mission to care for orphans that walk in the shoes of their everyday realities: being without parents, yet filled with the Father's love.

That is the year Gen House was birthed. That is the year God began laying the bricks of our foundation and writing the story of our future home.

And He's still writing. And we're still journeying. And of course, trusting Him every step of the way.

This is not a good deed. It's personal. This is US. This is us sharing our worlds with the world. From our skin colors and heritages, to the languages, cultures, and upbringings, this mesh of African and African-American will inevitably rewrite the narrative of black orphans alike and create the HOME that we too longed for.

The moral of our story is, we have a FAMILY in Jesus. On any given day in Uganda, if you find us walking down some of its dirt roads with shouts of belly-aching laughter under the beaming sun, it is because we know this. We are no longer carrying the burdens of being orphaned. Our stories have been redeemed.
And that is our gift to extend...

That is the story of our house. Our family. Our tribe of love.

That is the story of GEN HOUSE.