Meet Our Friends & Kin!

This summer, they will head on a 16-day mission through the The Pearl of Africa, witnessing the needs for the coming Gen House home and school, visiting the site, serving in different regions, and discovering their future purposes at our home!


Briana Jones

Briana is a Business Technology Consultant that plays a critical role in integrating innovative technology to the culture of Gen House. In her spare time, Briana enjoys playing basketball and looks forward to merging her love of sports with its impact on child development during this trip.


Christian Crews

Christian holds a Bachelor's degree in Nonprofit Development and Leadership and uses his expertise and creativity to offer keen advice about the foundation of Gen House. As an orphan himself, this trip means building a strong organizational foundation for the lives of children alike.


Jordan Sharp

Jordan Sharp is the Founder and Chief Visionary of Gen House. Since the age of 4, she has been in pursuit of her calling to Africa; using her own orphan story to drive the mission of the Gen House home and its redemption plan for children alike. She has always been compassionate towards underprivileged communities of color and advocates for the restoration of fatherless families. She calls Uganda her second home, and sees this trip as an opportunity to serve and share her heart for the country with those closest to her.


Khoryandra Harris

Khoryandra Harris, also known as Khory, is a worship leader, lover, caregiver of children, and advocate for the broken. Gen House is a combination of her natural inclinations and gifting as she in constantly pursuing the healing of broken children and helping to restore their true identities! Her role on this trip is unique to us as she will be leading worship and creating spaces for us to experience Jesus through song with those we meet on our journey in Uganda.


Laticia Sharp

Laticia Sharp is the mother of Jordan Sharp, the Founder of Gen House. She holds an MBA and is the Founder and Owner of Sharp Management Group, LLC. Her company offers services to For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations. Laticia’s role at Gen House is to guarantee financial soundness and integrity for the organization. Laticia is passionate about promoting positive self-images for people of color through artistic creativity and views this trip as an opportunity to do so.


Neliann Rivera

Neliann Rivera believes in the vision of creating families and bringing restoration of identities through the message of Jesus Christ worldwide. She is passionate about the unfolding story of Gen House because she desires for every child that will one day call it home to understand they are no longer orphans because of the agape love and sonship of their Abba Father. She sees this trip is as an opportunity to remind them of their invaluable worth to God all while falling in love with the rich and vibrant culture of their home in Uganda.


Samaria Hill

Samaria was called to be a nurse at a young age and has been in pursuit ever since. She anchors this call in her name and the Biblical parable of The Good Samaritan who helped an injured Jew. Likewise, she has a heart to love people back to life, both literally and figuratively. Today, she uses her passion for developmental health to aid Gen House in understanding the importance of medical care in the lives of their children and those in the surrounding village. For her, this trip is another opportunity to garden hope and compassion in desperate situations, and to offer services for the global health needs presented and to come.