Phase I is beginning.

After setting our hearts on a very lush plot of 15.5 acres, a small, rural village called Acut Omer is now our home. This place is former LRA war territory that greatly contributed to the cycle of orphans in Northern Uganda that we exist to care for today. It is also a community in very poor conditions that lacks the basic necessities such sufficient clean water where most people drink from the local river. With such little development, their only sub-par health center and one school (primary grades K-P7) is not enough to address the orphan crisis stemming from several other issues plaguing this village. That’s where our work as good neighbors begins.


Your gifts and donations are the fuel to our mission! We cannot build and sustain Gen House without your generosity! Consider every dollar given to be another brick laid. Make a difference today by clicking the black 'GIVE' button below to sow into our village
and the lives of the orphaned children of
Northern Uganda.

Journey With Us

There's no better way to make an impact than to pray, spread the word, and join hands with us on this faith trek to build our future home! If interested in volunteering or joining our team, go to our 'Contact' tab and send us a message! Be sure to also follow our hashtag and tag us in your posts!