/gehn/: to trust or hope

The word GEN, pronounced "gehn" is the Acholi language word for TRUST and HOPE. Acholi is the tribal language of the Northern Ugandan people, including the children of our home and one of our founding visionaries. Derived from the scripture Psalm 37:3, our whole name, Gen House, reflects our drive and culture all in one. It is our prayer:

To trust Him. To do good. To dwell in the land. To feed on His faithfulness.


Our mission is to care for the orphan AND their village. This is personal to us. We understand that the most important need for an orphan is FAMILY.
Not basic needs.
Not another orphanage.
Our work is to create an environment for them to thrive by not just simply providing, but by also affording them the opportunity to grow up in a family AND a flourishing community. That way, the number of orphans decreases, and the hope in every home increases.

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You can become a contributor to our cause and participate in our R2R Campaign!
R2R stands for the 'Resources' needed 'To Raise' our children.
Building a forever home in Uganda can't be done by us alone and our role doesn't stop after the construction. The real journey is in raising each child, training each family, and developing the place that they call home.
We need YOU to make that happen.

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